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Fun Facts Friday #4 – “Would You Rather…?

However, going out to a nice restaurant with a lovey ambiance, service and food can also enable he and I to talk, feel valued and “pampered” by the cooking and wait-staff and enjoy one another without having to worry about clean up at home


FunOur gold achiever welcome dinner from PamperedChef a "La Barceloneta Restaurant" Janice, PamperedChef Canada president, photo bombing James and IA common "bruschetta" bread in Barcelona that is so simple and delicious

Friday's Photos, The Incredible Edible Egg

The kitchen gadget that I would normally use to chop eggs & the shallot for egg salad is the PamperedChef food chopper, but seeing that it is readily available, I went to the good old standby

Mango Fruit Salsa

If not using the PamperedChef Manual Food Processor, try and chop your fruit into uniform 1/4 - 1/2" cubes

Pasta & Chicken Toss

Cook pasta according to package. Combine cornstarch and salt in small bowl, whisk in chicken broth. 9 ounces whole wheat spiral pasta