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Pumpkin Oat Porridge

Next day it was a very cold morning and I had my guiltless pumpkin pie breakfast. Pumpkin Oat Porridge

Butternut Squash Soup

Creamy Spinach Bake. « Pumpkin Oat PorridgeCreamy Spinach Bake »Filed Under. Butternut Squash Soup. November 24, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse Leave a Comment

Stuffed Butternut Squash

This is a recipe of my sister in law Pamela. I use my grapefruit spoon to carve squash and pumpkins. Stuffed Butternut Squash

Pumpkin Protein Shake

And when I’m done, I drink a Protein Shake to hydrate and help my muscles recover. This time I decided to use de pumpkin puree left over to give my protein drink a delicious twist

Creamy Spinach Bake

It’s really common in Chile that restaurants, offer as a side dish creamy spinach. Two restaurants I like come quickly to my mind, Tip y Tap and Bavaria

Roasted Seeds

I’ve been wasting my pumpkin and squash seeds for as long as I can remember. Roasted Seeds. November 2, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse Leave a Comment

Healthy Chicken Red Bell Pepper Sandwich

) I decided to make myself this sandwich to enjoy the park we have nearby. The second sandwich I prepared it for my husband who been having lunch in front of his computer this last weeks

Swiss Chard Chicken Pot Pie

On the other hand, my husband loves chicken. Swiss Chard Chicken Pot Pie. October 27, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse 2 Comments

Avocado Mousse

Avocado Mousse. October 13, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse Leave a Comment. This is a recipe to surprise with little effort

Tuna Frittata

I love this recipe because it’s yummy, complete, and not expensive at all. When I’ve had my babies I felt that I was non-stop trying to recover from labor

Raspberry Vegan Tart

I love enjoying sweet trats with no guilt and so does my husband and kids. Adapted from the Blog Yummy Beets

Pebre Pizza

It’s my grandma’s recipe. Pebre Pizza. September 10, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse 4 Comments. September 18, the day that marks the beginning of Chile’s independence process is coming soon

Whole Wheat Pizza dough

In my house they used to make a very delicious (but not very healthy) pizza dough. Whole Wheat Pizza dough

Coconut Macaroons

My friend Amanda –who has just had a baby boy– loves coconut macaroons. So in my first visit to meet Victor, her newborn, I decided to sweeten her day with my version of easy and healthy coconut macaroons

Causa Limeña

Because she is not starting her own blog I asked her to help me out including Peruvian recipes in my blog

Bechamel Sauce

This is a very creamy and versatile sauce we latin americans love. Bechamel Sauce. October 27, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse Leave a Comment

Great substitute for Mayo

Great substitute for Mayo. October 1, 2014 By Bernardita Contesse Leave a Comment. This is a healthy substitution for mayo

Wine Meringue

And I really wanted to share this recipe from my friend Tita, beacause it was so yummy, silky and creamy