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Friday List: My Top Ten Cookbooks & a Chocolate Milkshake

My America’sTestKitchen/CooksIllustrated Collection. The book details how Lisa’s family went from eating a fairly typical American diet to eating a diet free of highly processedfoods (I use the term highly processedbecause, asLisapoints out, cooking is form of processing too) as well astips for implementing a real food plan of your own

The Ultimate Cookbook Guide For Families

America’sTestKitchen-Healthy Family Cookbook. Yes, it containstips and food advice, but itsless about being a chef in the kitchen, and more about how to get dinner on the table and have it taste great, regardless of who is eating it

Cinnamon Roll Pizza #BrunchWeek #GiveAway

All week long I will be posting yummy recipes for brunch along with a gazillion other bloggers, and there is a giveaway for fabulousprizes from the event sponsors (Contest info will be at the bottom of thispost)
Rosie Makes A Blueberry Buckle.

Rosie Makes A Blueberry Buckle.

The crumble isconsidered the Britishversion of the Americancrisp. Do the toothpick test. A Betty isdescended from English pudding desserts and is related to the FrenchApple Charlotte
French Apple Cake

French Apple Cake

Adapted from America’sTestKitchen’sFrenchAppleCake recipe.  When I found these beautiful Granny Smithapples, first thing that came to mind was to make thisFrenchAppleCake

French Apple Tart

I adapted this tart recipe from an America’sTestKitchen cookbook by slicing the apples much thinner, leaving the peels on, and adjusting the glaze (using brown sugar and cinnamon instead of melted apple jelly)
Apple Crumb Cake

Apple Crumb Cake

ThisApple Crumb Cakeisbased off of an America’sTestKitchen recipe. Adapted from America'sTestKitchen
Tex - Mex Recipes  / Over 40 recipes!

Tex - Mex Recipes / Over 40 recipes!

Julia Child created the French food trend in America. Americaisfascinated with Chex Mix and the hundreds of recipe combinations to create a snack for family gatherings, sportingevents, church suppers and holidays
Panama in an RV

Panama in an RV

 Panama is the southernmost country of both Central America and North America. I've actually gone ahead and set a new email that, if you wouldn't mind, just because it makes it easier on me, sending an email to and justsay "contest" and give your AR screen name

Apple and Pear Upside Down Cake

My search led me to this recipe from America'sTestKitchen. ) I immediately thought about a "Frenchapplecake" becauseit's very quick and the kitchenwas already clean

66. Carbonnade of Beef

In fact, the best thing about this dinner was that I got to use my new Americana Pyrex. I can just imagine the testkitchens at Marjon Promotions, Inc