Bezar spice mix recipes

Yemen in an RV

Yemen is known for a spicemix called hawayji. This recipe for Honey Cake was relatively easy to do with the help of my KitchenAid mixer

Bezar-Spiced Soy Roasted Chicken

So, I picked up a jar of bezar, an Emirati spice blend, when we visited Dubai a while back. Using soy sauce as the base notes, I added lashings of ground bezar to the marinade, enhancing with a little curry powder
Bahrain in an RV

Bahrain in an RV

Arabic Salad, White Rice, BezarSpiceMix and De-jaj Murrag/Saloona (Chicken Stew).  The Bezar all ground up

Bezar Spice Mix Oman

brown in a dry skillet until golden. on very low heat. grind. store. 1 cup cumin seed. 1 cup fennel seed. 1 cup cinnamon stick

Fish Matchboos Oman

sprinkle tuna with bezar and salt. add garlic and spices. 1 teaspoon cinnamon, this is really the bezarmix which food doesnt reconize