Boneless leg of lamb cooked in a tagine recipes

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This boneless beef jointhas been slow cooked for tenderness. This M & S LambTagine is madeof slow cooked tender chunks oflamb shoulder andlegmeat, rubbed with a blend ofaromatic spices inaMoroccan style sauce with apricots

Lamb Tagine

hot cooked couscous. Stir dried plums and honey intolamb mixture. Addlamb. Add flour to orange juice, stirring with a whisk until smooth
Holiday Spice, part 2

Holiday Spice, part 2

To substitute staranise for anise seed ina recipe, reduce the quantity to one-half or one-third of the recipe's recommendation

Moroccan Lamb Tagine (Ww)

addlamb. Inlarge pot or Dutch oven, heat oil. PER SERVING. set aside. Remove lamb from pot. Addgarlic, cuminand pepper

Lamb and Orange Tagine

Addhalfoflamb. hot cooked couscous. Repeat procedure with remaininglamb. Return lamb to pan. Coatpan with cookingspray

Lamb Tagine with Tomatoes and Roasted Eggplant Recipe

Insteadofmixing the lambandeggplant together like a stew, put the lambin the bottom ofaservingplate or bowl, mix the lemon juice and hot wateras desired into the eggplant mixture, and then pile the eggplant on top of the lamb