Chocolate blancmange cocoa powder recipes

Chocolate Custard (low sugar)

Chocolate Custard (low sugar)

I never make it from scratch but I do make it from custard powder. I don't have much annatto floating around the house and there feels like something wrong about making white custard even though that's the colour it would be if not made with eggs, so my idea was to make chocolate custard

Chocolate Blancmange with Cappuccino Sauce

cocoapowder, to dust. Give it a light dusting with cocoa and serve. To make the cappuccino sauce, heat the milk and sugar in a small saucepan, then whisk in the espresso powder once the mixture is hot

Chocolate Blancmange

Whisk together Cornstarch, Granulated Sugar & CocoaPowder. Finely chop Bittersweet Chocolate. In a medium saucepan combine Whole Milk, Cornstarch mix & Bittersweet Chocolate


grated chocolate, to garnish the chocolateblancmange (orange rind, for the cocoa or yellow, flakes of pistachio or almond for the green, etc