Chocolate swiss roll diabetic recipes

Sipping Sweet!

She loves chocolate as much as the rest of us and, when the holiday season rolls around, deserves a steaming cup of sweet hot cocoa just as much as anyone else

Bug Out Bag Essentials and Why You Need One

Do not include chocolate if you plan on storing your bags anywhere it may get warm. Axe, knife, knife sharpener, wire cutters, fishing hook/line, duct tape, plastic bags, spoon/fork, metal plate/bowl, multi purpose tool like a Swiss Army knife
Hildegard’s Biergarten

Hildegard’s Biergarten

She brought out apple strudel, black forest cake, cheesecake and German chocolate cake – which by the way doesn’t actually have coconut

Chocolate Swiss Roll, Diabetic

Invert onto towel, roll with towel from narrow end, leaving open side on bottom. Roll cake with frosting, decorating top of roll with frosting and toasted almond pieces