Egyptian eggplant with tomato sauce recipes

Egyptian vegetarian moussaka

It goes by the name Tipsi in Iraq and Moussaka in Egypt and in it the eggplant is usually cut into cubes, fried and then it is cooked in a tomatosaucewith green peppers and other vegetables (most commonly potatoes)

Koshari | Kushari – Egyptian Street Food

Koshari or Kushari is a very popular Egyptian Street Food that is made with Rice, lentils and Pasta which is then topped with a spicy tomatosauce and caramelized onions
Falafel Wraps

Falafel Wraps

, Egypt was invaded by the Arabs who faced off with the Byzantine army, but found little to no resistance from the native Egyptian population

Love to Learn (#1): Cumin

Eggplant and bell pepper tomatosauce. So, without further ado. So this evening, I sat down (with a cold one, poured fresh from my new Hopsy SUB) and started digging

Cooking The Mediterranean Countries-Egypt

Egyptian cuisine shares similarities with other Mediterranean countries, such as rice-stuffed vegetables, grape leaves, shawarma, kebabs and kofta

Cooking The Mediterranean Countries-Libya

Its use in North Africa goes back thousands of years, and its life-prolonging properties were well known to the ancient Libyans and Egyptians

Casa La Femme

Traditional Egyptian style mousaka with peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant baked to order. An Egyptian dwelling replete with seductive decor and gaiety, this Christopher street location is great for dates and groups alike
Bulgarian Moussaka

Bulgarian Moussaka

 Later, old Egyptian versions of Arabic moussaka were modified and topped with a bechamel sauce, during both the French and Italian occupations of North Africa

Middle Eastern #Food Journey

I enjoyed each and every bite and with my eyes closed, it “transformed” me to my Middle Eastern #Food Journey Egyptian nights
Easy recipes with asparagus

Easy recipes with asparagus

However for the record, the asparagus was adored delicacy for the ancient Greeks , as for the Egyptians and Romans

Egyptian Eggplant

Peel eggplant if you prefer it without the skin like I do. Season with sea salt. Add tomatosauce, chicken stock, jalapeno juice, jalapenos, chickpeas