Filipino menu for birthday dinner recipes

Chapter One Celebrates 5 Years with Exclusive Whiskey Dinner

A sizable plate of Deep-Fried Short Rib paired with baby vegetables and "Big Ass Beans" came out next, featuring a recipe from a Filipino friend of Chapter One who shared his great grandmother's recipe as well as one from an American great grandmother

Social House Dubai Mall

Even the Filipino supervisor who happened to be my brothers friend comes often to our table to ask if everything was alright

Spending Good Friday at Bad Saint

The menu was pretty complicated – none of us knew too much about Filipino food – so we asked our waitress for recommendations
Meal Planning Of Filipino Culture

Meal Planning Of Filipino Culture

When you make menus, make enough for the whole week. Depending on how you look at it, menu making may be lots of fun or lots of hard work

An 8-month-old Blog and Birthday #23

While in Dublin, we also swung by La Herba Buena, the only Filipino store I am aware of in the Columbus area, and picked up some ingredients for a Filipino-themed food and culture program on campus