Food served in shot glasses recipes

Wedding Food

Can you believe that that is the only photo that I have of the food that was served at our wedding. So you guys will have to imagine the Tomato Shooters with Bianco Panini - crispy focaccia grilled panini filled wtih mozzarella, sweet onion, fresh tomatoes, arugula, Gorgonzola and served on top of a tomato-bail soup shooter

A Food Lovers Paradise: TusCA Restorante

When in the area, I strongly suggest stopping by TusCA Restorante to try their amazingfood yourself, and hopefully it can be served at your upcomingwedding as well

Fun Foods From Udwada

I brought home packets of saaria ( white puffy crispy wafer like treat that is served at most weddings ) baby papads, plain and garlic flavoured which you’re suppose to fry but I baked them instead and they turned out yummy

Seoul Food Style

We both liked the pudding but thought it would be more enjoyable servedin a bowl instead of a trough

Food and Travel Feature: Austria 2015

It has two layers of sponge cake spread with apricot jam in between and then on top a decadent chocolate icing and always served with freshly whipped cream

10 Foods You Must Try at the LA County Fair

Created by the masterminds at Chicken Charlie’s, this year’s take on the Southern classic features fried chicken tenders in a waffle on a stick served with a side of maple syrup