For toothless people recipes

How To Train Your Dragon 2

It was a great movie for older kids and adults and any younger kids who love dragons. The main character is a boy named Hiccup and his nightfury dragon named Toothless who is from a Viking culture
Bread Bajji Mini Bites

Bread Bajji Mini Bites

The 'still toothless' Lil dude would be sure to grab a bajji from Lil Angels hand so it was plain batter bajji for him

Top Things To Do In Macau / Macao

Though the food is terrific, people really go for the entertainment. I was there for four days as part of a press trip hosted by the Sheraton Macao and I could have used a few more days because it is hard to fit in everything you’d like to see and do and eat in Macao
One Good Deed

One Good Deed

Be sure to read to the end of this post for a giveaway and a great story. You might be wondering if this man was homeless, but the store is an area where you don’t see homeless people milling about

Annabelle: 3 Months

She’s actually been sick for more days this month than she was healthy. The big toothless grin. We had many days of Christmas celebrating, where she napped in people’s arms very frequently, and she got sick

Saying yes to getting back on track

The look on her little face was one of absolute delight at the taste of banana, nothing more than one of nature’s healthy foods mashed up for her little toothless mouth to enjoy

Back to School Portraits 2016

We love going there and love even more that they provide free entrance for home schoolers. Owen’s toothless (teeth coming in) smile cracks me up

Baby's First Solids

Cooking baby's porridge is now the first thing I do in my daily grind before I do any other house chores
China: Steamed Eggs (蒸水蛋)

China: Steamed Eggs (蒸水蛋)

They are also often prepared for babies, mainly for their creamy texture reminiscent of custard, that every toothless little human being will love but it is also favored for the sick or the people lacking energy

5 Things You Can Do Instead of Using Facebook for Political Rants

I got to see a beautiful toothless grin when a friend in another state’s daughter lost her first tooth, I was able to see a visual of the scene when my sick grandma got to have lunch with the high school football team, and I got to see the smile on my cousin’s face when he got accepted to the University of Michigan

Gravity, You Bitch

We beg for more time and less gravity because we are vain and foolish. I envision gravity as an old toothless crone sitting in a rocking chair laughing her ass off at all of us, young, old and everyone in between

7 Teeth Facts for Kids

And babies are not toothless at birth, all twenty primary teeth sit in the jaw waiting for that right moment to appear