How to make macapuno candy recipes


To compensate, I always make it a point to have a cake for him on his special day. Leap year has a special meaning to our family
Birthday Cake Coffee And Jelly Bean Gum

Birthday Cake Coffee And Jelly Bean Gum

I asked for them tomake me one into a skim iced latte. Shaved ice, leche flan, ube ice cream, macapuno (coconut), and pinipig (toasted puffed rice)

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I’ve become a bit of a wing connoisseur (how cool of a job title would that be. It took me ages tomake it over to Parlor Pizza - and now that I’ve finally been there, I’m obsessed

Ube Pancake with Macapuno

I saw it when I was walking from Ross outlet to the Walmart near Ala Moana, I haven’t tried it there but I told myself I am going tomake them when I come back home to New Zealand and that’s what I did