Ikea dark chocolate almond cake recipes

Lingonberry/Cranberry Cookie Squares

Lingonberry/Cranberry Cookie Squares

All of you who know of IKEA will be well aware of the swedish delicacy of k├Âttbullar (Swedish meatballs) which is traditionally served with lingonberries, mashed/pureed potatoes and the most gorgeous pickled cucumber

Danish Jam Ribbon Cookies

We purchased both at the new IKEA store located in Milwaukee WI. In Scandinavia, baking added a bit of sunshine and warmth to the dark and dreary days of winter

Holiday Dessert Bars

Melt darkchocolate chips in a microwave and spread over the first layer of chocolate. Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

Chocolate-Almond Daim Cupcakes

Cool the cakes at room temperature until the chocolate firms up, and serve 'em with hot coffee. You're trying to shatter them as much as possible without sending chunks of chocolate flying across your kitchen

TBB - The Ischler

My go-to has always been IKEAchocolate, its cheap and very, very good baking chocolate. And my adoration of darkchocolate is known far and wide