Ikea swedish meatballs top secret recipes

Almost-famous Swedish Meatballs

Almost-famous Swedish Meatballs

While there's a recipe for meatballs in Ikea's Real Swedish Food Book, the article notes that reps confirmed that it is not the recipe for the meatballs served at their restaurants

IKEA Favorites & Secrets

IKEA also recently remodeled their Swedish Food Market near the checkouts. But to help you along - here are three of my favorite products in the Swedish Food Market

Secret Recipe Club: Limpa (Swedish Rye Bread)

I’ve been dying to get more familiar with Scandinavian food, particularly since my experience with it so far has been limited to occasional forays into the Ikea cafeteria (which, I’m sure, is hardly the most stellar example of what Sweden has to offer, no matter how tasty those little saucy meatballs might be