Mamra laddu recipes

Til Chikki Recipe, Tal Chikki or TilGul Recipe

Til Chikki Recipe, Tal Chikki or TilGul Recipe

Til chikki, daliya chikki, peanut/singdana chikki, mamra chiki etc. In this recipe of til chikki, I have made both til chikki and til ladoo or tilgul laddu

Adobo Sweet Potato Soup

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Puffed Rice Balls (Mamra Laddu)

Puffed Rice Balls (MamraLaddu) is jaggery coated puffed rice (mamra) and shaped in balls (laddu). Now start adding puffed rice (mamra) stirring continuously until all puffed rice (mamra) and coated with jaggery on low heat

Crunchy Speckled Bubble Bars or Borugula (Murmura) Laddu

Dip your hands in-between laddu making to keep hands unsticky and cool. If the Mamra is not toasted, place in a pan in a 200F oven for about an hour. Wait for about 5 minutes for murmura-jaggery mixture to cool down and then start making laddus. 2 cups rice, puffed & toasted (Mamra, Murmura, Mumra, Indian Puffed Rice, Rice Crispies if you don't have access to the other)

Potato Rice Ball Recipe

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