Martha washington orange cake recipes

Eve of the Epiphany and Edda Night

I enjoyed this informative piece on MarthaWashington and her Great Cake. Washington’s Great Cake is vague as to some of the ingredients called for as well as the method of preparation

A Dream Come True (recipe: Mary Washington’s 1784 Gingerbread Cake)

MarthaWashington also served this cake at Mount Vernon. On a trip this past summer  to Mount Vernon, George and MarthaWashington’s home,   I found some charming cookie cutter and gingerbread type ornaments that were perfect for a tree I decorate for the kitchen with vintage cookie cutters and cookie type ornaments

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Theme

Whole Roasted Salmon with Orange Butter Glaze by Martha Stewart. Maple Cheesecake with Roasted Pears by Martha Stewart
Cookbook Gift Guide {2017}

Cookbook Gift Guide {2017}

The second book by the Nom Nom Paleo married team of Michelle Tam (called the “Martha Stewart of Paleo”) and Henry Fong is done in their fresh, trademark, joyous comic book style, with step-by-step recipes that aim to have Paleo followers eating as broadly as possible