Mochai kottai dry beans stir fry recipes

Mochai Kottai Sundal | Kadu Vaal Stir Fry

Mochai Kottai Sundal | Kadu Vaal Stir Fry

During Bommai Kolu (Tamil) either sweet or savory sundal is a most popular Neivedhyam/Naivedyam/Prasad offered to God Lakshmi, so today’s recipe is one such savoury sundal /stirfry using dried beans/mochai

Mochai Kottai (Dry Beans) Stir Fry

Mochaifry can be made with fresh beans seeds or with the dried beans (Mochaikottai). If you are using dried beans (Mochaikottai), then soak it over night and then pressure cook it for two to three whistles and then use it in the curry

kovakkai Mochai (Beans Seed) Pirattal

Cook the MochaiKottai (I used fresh white colour MochaiKottai) with a pinch of salt till soft. Open the lid and stir well and keep it on the stove till it become dry