Papaya chutney salad dressing recipes

50 Ways to Leave Your Slaw Lover

50 Ways to Leave Your Slaw Lover

Green Papaya–Peanut. Salad Tagged. Dressing. Prepare the Green Papaya–Peanut Slaw (No. Whisk together the dressing ingredients

The Salad Bible

beans, sweet potato, jicama, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, carrots, ginger, snap peas, beans, snow peas, papaya, daikon, lemongrass, cabbage, Asian cress, watercress, wombok, avocado, chilli, coconut, bok choi, kankong, fern, seaweed, garlic, radish, eggplant, baby corn, mushrooms

Cooking Terms

  Capon  A castrated young male chicken  Caramelize  To heat granulated sugar to a golden brown color for the purpose of flavoring and coloring other food  Carte du jour  Menu of the day  Carte  The bill of fare or menu  Casserole  A one-pot meal baked and served in an earthenware or glass dish  Caviar  The salted eggs or roe of the sturgeon and other certain fish  Cepes  A type of mushroom, generally canned in a brine  Chablis  A white, good-bodied wine, sometimes referred to as white Burgundy  Champignon  French term for mushroom  Chantilly sauce  Hollandaise sauce with unsweetened whipped cream folded in  Chantilly  Indicates the use of whipped cream  Chasseur  French word meaning hunter style  Chateaubriand  A thick beef tenderloin steak, weighing approximately one pound and cooked by broiling  Chicory  A salad green from the endive family  Chiffonade  Finely shredded or chopped vegetables used in soups or saladdressings  Chop  To cut into small pieces using a knife or other sharp utensil  Choux paste  A paste consisting of eggs, water, salt, shortening, and flour for making Eclairs and cream puffs  Chutney  A spicey relish of fruits and spices generally served with curry dishes  Cider  The juice from pressed apples used as a beverage or to make vinegar  Citron  A lemon-like fruit with thicker skin, larger, and with less acid  Clarify  To make a liquid clear by adding beaten egg white and egg shells

Tri-color BBQ Beef Sushi

Papaya and Red Onion Relish. Onion Bhajis and Cilantro Chutney. Easy Chicken Salad with Tahini Dressing (Vegetarian Option)