Puerto rican coconut candy recipes

An Historic View of Candy Part 2

June is national US candy month and I love coconut. In tropical regions of the Americas people made candies made from "grated coconut stewed in sugar, and a very delicious custard made

10 Things to Do in Old San Juan

The door is a famous tourist photo spot, and it originally featured the colors of the PuertoRican flag

Trader Vic's Cocktail Recipes

Shake the coconut syrup, rum, pineapple juice, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Garnish with the mint sprig and rock candy stick

Coquito Recipe

For those that aren’t familiar with coquito, it’s a PuertoRicancoconut rum cocktail. The holidays aren’t complete without this PuertoRican coquito drink
Magic Cookie Bar Pie #SundaySupper

Magic Cookie Bar Pie #SundaySupper

Plus Baked PuertoRican Meat Pies and More Pie Recipes from Sunday Supper Movement. American Serves. This pie is full of chocolate, butterscotch, coconut and pecans, all baked together in a graham cracker crust