Recaito pork chops recipes

Pozole Verde with Only Pork

Pozole Verde with Only Pork

I also made some recaito and salsa verde and wanted to use those in my pozole. Okay, I knew it was some sort of stew, made with pork and hominy (mote)

Grilled Jerk Pork Chop, Baby Carrots and Corn

Rinse pork chop flat in a deep baking dish get a small pot add your 1/4 cup water add paprika,basil,marjoram,garlic cook until tender 1/4 olive oil and jerk seasoning cool add your to pot stir pour over meat mix and sit rinse rice drain add to large pot with olive oil,cooking base, bell peppers chopped cook for 20 minutes then add water and boiluntil tender get small pot add your corn and carrots and water cook until tender heat up your grill and place your porkchops and cook until done. 6 ounces recaito

Pork Chili Verde

Over high heat, Grill pork roast to brown on all sides, transfer to plate and cover,. Once the liquid begins to simmer, return the pork roast to the pot

Arroz Con Pollo (Cubano)

Coarsely chop the recaito ingredients, then process them together in a food processor until finely minced but not watery

Arroz Con Gandules

Add recaito, olives, capers and tomato paste to pot. Sprinkle pork with adobo seasoning and rub into meat with your hands,