Roasted parisienne potatoes recipes

Roasted, Herbed Baby Chickens

Mix 4-1/2 oz butter with the herbs, spring onion lemon rind, 3/4 lemon juice, salt and pepper. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200C)
Spice Parisienne (Seasoned Pioneers)

Spice Parisienne (Seasoned Pioneers)

I served the steaks with the roasted butternut squash, but mashed potatoes would be fab as well. It has been traditionally dry-roasted and blended by hand to a genuine French recipe

Le Dîner en Blanc – Halifax

coriander yogurt dressing and roasted chilled sliced beef, red current jelly, quinoa tabbouleh, ratatouille and duck fatted fingerling potatoes

Dannygirl's Parisienne Potatoes

Combine potatoes and spices with half cup oil. Shake so all potatoes are coated. Spread marinated potatoes on bottom of dish in a single row

Herb Roasted Lamb With Potatoes and Carrots

Combine frozen potatoes and carrots in a medium sized bowl. 1 (600 g) package europe's best first harvest baby potatoes, frozen. 1 (600 g) package europe's best carrots, frozen (a la Parisienne)

Cooking Terms

  Coatspoon  When a mixture forms a thin, even film on a spoon  Coat  To cover the surface of one food with another  Cobbler  A deep dish pie, generally made with fruit  Cocktail  An appetizer served before or as the first course of a meal, an alcholic beverage served before the dinner, or a cut shell-fish with a tart sauce served at the start of a meal  Coddle  To cook or simmer an item just below the boiling point for a short length of time  Colbert Sauce  A sauce consisting of brown sauce, shallots, claret wine, butter, and lemon juice  Compote  Fruits stewed in a syrup or a mixture of assorted stewed fruits  Condiment  A seasoning for food, a spicy or pungent relish  Consomme  A clear, strong flavored soup  Coq au vin  Chicken in wine  Core  To remove the central seed part of certain fruits, such as apples or pears  Cottage pudding  Cake served with a warm sweet sauce  Coupe  A shallow dessert dish or an actual dessert such as strawberry coupe  Court bouillon  A liquid comprised of water, vinegar or wine, herbs and seasoning to poach fish in  Cracklings  Crisp remains left after the fat has been fried out  Cream  To beat until soft and fluffy, generally applies to shortening and sugar  Creme  French word for cream  Creole  Usually a soup or sauce containing tomatoes, onions, green peppers, celery, and seasoning  Crepe  French word for pancake  Cresson  French word for watercress  Croissant  A crescent shaped roll  Croquette  A ground food product, held together with the addition of a thick cream sauce and eggs, formed into balls or cones, breaded and fried in oil  Croutons  Small cubes of bread browned to a golden color in the oven or deep fat fryer, generally served with soups or salads  Cube  To cut into even, bite-size pieces  Cuisine  A characteristic style of preparing food  Cure  To preserve by pickling, salting, or drying  Cut in  A part blended into another part  Cutlet  A small flattened boneless piece of meat, generally referring to pork and veal  Deglaze  Adding water to a pan in which meats have been sauteed or roasted to dissolve the crusted juice that has dried on the bottom and sides of the pan  Demiglace  A rich brown stock reduced to only half of its original amount by simmering  Demitasse  A small cup of black coffee  Demi  French word for half  Deviled  An item flavored with hot condiments such as pepper, mustard, or tabasco  Diable  A term applied to deviled or highly seasoned food  Dice  To cut into small cubes or squares  Dissolve  To cause a dry substance to become fluid or to absorb into liquid  Dot  To spot small particles of butter over the top of something  Dough  A thick, soft uncooked mass of moistened flour and other ingredients  Drawn butter  Melted butter  Dredge  To coat an item with dry ingredients such as flour  Dress  To trim or clean poultry or fish  Drippings  The fat and natural juice that drips from roasted meats  Du jour  French word meaning of the day  Duchess potatoes  Boiled potatoes whipped with egg yolks and then pressed thru a pastry tube  Duglere  With tomatoes, generally applied to a white fish sauce with crushed tomatoes flowing through it  Dust  To sprinkle an item with flour or sugar  Emulsify  A liquid mixture suspended in another mixture (generally eggs and oil) to prevent separation  En brochette  To cook on a skewer  En chemise  With their skin, generally referring to potatoes  En coquille  Served in a shell  En tasse  Served in a cup  Entree  Main course of the meal  Epicure  A lover of food and wine  Epigramme  An entree of two pieces of meat prepared differently but generally cooked and served together  Escallop  To cut into into thin slices or bake in a white sauce with a topping of crumbs  Escargot  French word for Snail  Escarole  A salad green from the endive family  Espagnole sauce  A rich brown sauce of meat, vegetables, and seasoning  Extract  Drawing flavors from certain foods, used to flavor other food items  Farce  French word for Stuffing  Farci  French word for Stuffed, as in meats or vegetables  Farina  The coarsely ground inner portion of hard wheat  Filet de sole  A boneless piece of fish belonging to the sole family of fish  Filet mignon  Filets of beef tenderloin usually with no fat  Fine herbs  A combination of three or four herbs chopped very fine  Finnan haddie  Smoked haddock fish  Flambeau  To serve on a flaming torch  Flambe  Served aflame  Florentine  With spinach  Fold  To mix, using a motion beginning vertically down through the mixture, continuing across the bottom of the bowl and ending with an upward and over movement  Fondant  An icing made by boiling sugar and water to the point of crystallization then whipping it into a creamy mass  Fondue  A style of preparing foods which involves dipping vegetables, meats, breads into various heated sauces  Forcemeat  Meat or fish ground very fine and highly seasoned and used for stuffing meat and fish  Francaise  In the French style  Frappe  Frozen or partly frozen to the consistency of mush for dessert items  French Toast  Bread dipped in a batter of eggs and milk and fried til golden brown on both sides  Frenched  To scrape meat and fat from bones of meat, generally associated with lamb chops or veal rib chops  Fricassee  Pieces of chicken, lamb, or veal stewed in liquid and served in a sauce made from the same liquid  Fritters  Food dipped or coated with a batter and fried to a golden brown in oil  Fumet  A stock of fish, meat, or game reduced with wine until concentrated  Garbanzo beans  Dried or canned Chick peas  Garnish  To decorate a dish with an item to improve its look  Garniture  French word for Garnish  Gefulte fish  Fish fillets stuffed with a ground fish mixture and poached  Gherkin  A small sweet or sour pickled cucumber  Giblet  The gizzard, heart, and liver of Poultry  Glace de viande  Reduced meat stock  Glace  Glazed, iced, or frosted to cover with a glossy coating  Glaze  To coat or cover an item with a glossy coating  Goulash  A rich, savory brown stew and generally the main seasoning is paprika  Gourmet  A connoisseur of fine foods and drink  Grate  To rub or wear into small particles, by rubbing on the rough surface of a grater  Griddle  A large, flat heavy pan with heat applied from the bottom  Grits  Coarsely ground hominy  Gruyere  A type of Swiss cheese made in France and Switzerland and has smaller holes than true Swiss cheese  Gumbo  A rich creole-type soup consisting of chicken broth, onion, celery, green peppers, okra, tomatoes, and rice  Hacher  Meaning to hash or mince  Hard Sauce  A dessert sauce made of butter, lemon extract, sugar, and vanilla  Hasenpfeffer  A German rabbit stew  Head cheese  Jellied, spiced, pressed meat from the hog's head  Herbs  Savory leaves such as tarragon, sage, basil, parsley, oregano, etc

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Split pork tenderloin lengthwise two-thirds of the way through. Open and flatten between 2 sheets of wax paper