Ruby tuesday shrimp fondue recipes

Prawn Queso Dip

Prawn Queso Dip

or, "ShrimpFondue with Pico de Gallo" as it's known at Ruby'sTuesdays. It's Prawn Queso Fondue. They call it fondue, but since I'm not dipping anything in boiling cheese, I am calling this a dip

2018 Orange County Valentine’s Day Dining Guide

Celery puree, red ruby radish, tarragon aioli, shredded crispy phyllo. Perfect to share with your date, the Ceviche Combination is a duo of shrimp ceviche and ahi aguachile or opt for your own appetizer

Ruby Tuesday's Shrimp Fondue Copycat

Add shrimp and stir until warm. The shrimp and pico de gallo really add a lot of moisture, but if it is too thick, add a little milk, half & half or heavy cream