Samurai restaurant fried rice recipes

Honeymooning in Paris

Honeymooning in Paris

• Rainbow Samurai Roll (salmon, avocado, mango, mango spicy sauce). We embarked on a trek to Happy Noodle (Happy Nouilles), a restaurant recommended to us by our friends Luke and Laura, who had been in Paris earlier in the summer

Going Ronin Rogue with Japanese Oden

Accompanied by an imaginary ronin samurai he starts to explore the wonders of food and beer or sake at noon in traditional restaurants

B-Bar, Delhi: In Its All New Avatar

But the best is yet to come – this would be the only restaurant that I have heard of which has dropped their prices considerably from before

Busshari Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Potts Point

His razor sharp sushi knives stand proud like prized samurai swords on the bar counter. Fried oyster. My mum opts for a tuna hand roll packed with sushi rice, avocado and a baton of cucumber

Rengaya, North Sydney

Sushi Samurai, Neutral Bay. This is also not to confuse with cheap and cheerful Japanese teppanyaki restaurants that want you to catch an egg with your bowl and write “thank you for being silly goose entertaining entire restaurant wearing Japanese friedrice on your hair” with salt on the teppanyaki griddle at the end of your meal