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2015 Chinese New Year Family Gatherings

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant together with my mum and the in-laws. To read up more on what we prepared on that day, do refer to the link here where you can find recipes of the dishes and bakes which we made too

Nook, Nu Sentral (CNY Special)

Nook, Nu Sentral – I was delighted to be back in Malaysia to spend the Chinese New Year with my family

The Unmanly Chef Goes to Hawaii

When it comes to food, Hawaii has just about everything you could want, they have amazing seafood (obviously), incredible fruits & veggies, and my favorite thing of all
My Allergy & Free From Show North Gluten Free Haul 2016

My Allergy & Free From Show North Gluten Free Haul 2016

or a black gluten free pasta seafood linguine. Venice Bakery UK gluten free pizza bases. Also if you are around the Manchester area, Sweet Mandarin is definitely a restaurant I would recommend for a gluten free Chinese meal out

Salt & Pepper Chicken Strips

They had both a seafood and a Chinese buffet. Once coated the chicken strips are baked in a hot oven. I am very fond of Chinese food of any kind, although to be sure I have never actually had any "real" Chinese food
2014 Chinese New Year Family Gatherings

2014 Chinese New Year Family Gatherings

This Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is definitely my favourite soup during CNY as it consists many of the exotic seafood ingredients like sea cucumber, dried scallop, abalone, fish maw and etc

The Dubai Gourmet Trail

Busy Egyptian seafood restaurant with its iconic fish-tail on the roof. Asado, Baker and Spice, Barbecue Delights, Bentoya, Eataly, El Sur, Elia, Ibn Hamido, Jamie’s Italian, Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen, Mekong, Pai Thai, Samad Al Iraqi, Shogun, Special Ostadi, Thiptara, Tom & Serg, Tomo

Crab Casserole

shrimp, lobster, or other seafood. Bake in 350 degree oven for approximately 30 minutes. You can mix seafood types -- use 1/2 lb