Sweet potato pone bread recipes

Caribbean Pone

Caribbean Pone

A spicy, mouthwatering pudding like baked dessert made from cassava, sweetpotato and pumpkin. Pour mixture into a greased dish (I used two bread pans since I like my pone thick)

Fruit Sponge Cake

Caribbean SweetPotatoPone. Try these other cakes/bread for the season. Coconut Bread Pudding. A light and addictive sponge cake, with rum fused mixed fruits

Sweet Potato Pone Bread

Mix together the sweetpotatoes with the butter and brown sugar. Mix together the dry ingredients (cornmeal, flour and allspice) and combine with the sweetpotato mixture

Papa Leo's Cassava Pone

1 cup sweetpotato. Blend all ingredients together. Pour into a buttered casserole dish and bake for 45 minutes in a moderate oven 350 degrees F until firm and medium brown