Thermomix ground beef recipes

Beef Rendang (Thermomix)

Using Thermomix to blend my chilli paste is a breeze now. Its been a while I last cook Beef Rendang. Add in beef, coconut milk, turmeric leaves, brown sugar and
Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

She uses a Thermomix, however majority of recipes will work just as well in a food processor. Corn tortillas – made with masa harina (corn that is soaked in lime then dried and ground – masa is available at some IGA’s and most health food shops, and the recipe is generally on the side of the pack
meatballs tomato sauce

meatballs tomato sauce

Making of the Thermomix recipe. How to prepare a recipes with thermomix of meatballs tomato sauce. Thermomix recipe

Beef Kofta

I couldn’t get over how easy it was and how quickly it was to make thermomixBeef Kofta and how amazing the flavour is with the Tzatziki
Refried Beans

Refried Beans

I mean who doesn’t love nachos but sometimes the thought of having to cook up mince and seasoning and and and – now this thermomix refried beans – BAM

Thermomix Confetti Meatloaf

Add beef, eggs, half of the tomato sauce and salt and pepper to taste. 500 g groundbeef. Place bread in TM bowl

Thermomix Sloppy Joes

500 g groundbeef. Chop onion,bell pepper, and celery 10 seconds/speed 3. While chopping, drop garlic cloves onto whirling blades

Thermomix Meatballs

400 g groundbeef, leaner is better. Grate the parmesan by dropping chunks onto blades running at Speed 8

Thermomix Sloppy Joes #2

Add groundbeef to TM bowl. Serve over hamburger buns or rolls (I usually use Thermomix Basic Bread #2, food. 500 g groundbeef

Sneaky Hidden Veg Lasagne

Place all your veg into a food processor (I use a Thermomix) and process until it is just short of a puree