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Jamie Oliver's Tomato Consommé

Jamie Oliver's Tomato Consommé

I'm making plans for tomatochutney and tomato jam and homemade ketchup. Enter JamieOliver'sTomato Consommé from his excellent book, Jamie at Home
Guinness Lamb Shanks

Guinness Lamb Shanks

Add the raisins, marmalade (or jam or chutney), ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and beer. The dish, from JamieOliver, has a long cooking time (wouldn’t want to risk tough lamb shanks) but the prep work is quick and easy

Breakfast with Bill Granger

We have rye toast with avocado and a poached egg, we do boiled eggs with fresh tomato, we do fried rice if there is left over rice in the fridge, we do cereal, yoghurt and berries because that’s a really great, fast breakfast on the run
Sharon's favourite cookbooks of 2011

Sharon's favourite cookbooks of 2011

So far, I've made the aubergine curry with kissing apple chutney and Sikh (or spicy tomato) salad. I only got this a week or two ago and I have already cooked the sizzling lamb lollipops (lamb cutlets served with spiced nuts, cucumber dip adn a spicy tomato dip) and the Lincolnshire poacher pie (a pie filled with cheesy minted courgettes and served with roasted shallots)

Spiced Cherry Tomato Chutney

Add the anchovies and cherry tomatoes (which you can blanch and remove the skins first if you like. If unopened, the chutney will improve in flavor and last up to a year in your cupboard

The Salad Bible

beans, sweet potato, jicama, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, carrots, ginger, snap peas, beans, snow peas, papaya, daikon, lemongrass, cabbage, Asian cress, watercress, wombok, avocado, chilli, coconut, bok choi, kankong, fern, seaweed, garlic, radish, eggplant, baby corn, mushrooms

Saffron Chicken!

Now add in the saffron water, tomato purée and harissa paste. You can use it in any salsa, salads or even chutneys

Ministry of Food: Rogan Josh

chopped tomatoes. Serve with rice, poppadoms, chutney, pickle, anything you like. Recently, I blogged about my new cookbook, JamieOliver's Ministry of Food and the hope that he has to change the fundamentals of home cooking