Venison cacciatore recipes

Top 14 Slow Cooker Recipes

Top 14 Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow Cooker Venison Stroganoff. Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore. Dinner time doesn’t get any easier when you can set it and forget it
Stovetop  Braised Rabbit

Stovetop Braised Rabbit

I don’t recall him ever being successful, though we sometimes received venison from one his friends. ”) If, like me, you have a difficult time getting the braise right, you may want to try cooking the rabbit in the hunter’s style, alla cacciatore

Venison Cacciatore

fry venison until evenly brown. 2 lbs venison, cubed about 1-inch. cook bacon remove from pan discard grease

Cooking Terms

which can be poured  Bearnaise sauce  A Hollandaise sauce with a tarragon vinegar mixture added for use with meat and fish  Beat  To lift a mixture with a spoon or an electric mixer to inject air and make the mixture smooth and creamy  Bechamel  A white sauce, usually made with milk and cream  Bercy  Sauce made of brown sauce, shallots, lemon juice, and white wine usually served with meat or fish  Beurre noir  French term for browned butter  Beurre  French term for butter  Bigarade  A sweet-sour brown sauce, flavored with orange peel and juice and usually served with roast duck  Biscuit  A small round quickbread, generally made using baking powder  Bisque  A thick, rich cream soup generally made from shellfish  Blacken  To coat fish or meat with pepper and/or other spices, then searing the meat in a hot skillet producing meat that is black on the outside but tender on the inside  Blanch  To scald, make white, to partially cook an item, to place fruits or nuts in boiling water to remove the skins, or to dip vegetables in boiling water in preparation for freezing, canning, or drying  Blanc  French term for white  Blanquette  A stew of chicken, veal, or lamb in a white sauce  Blend  To mix thoroughly two or more ingredients  Blinis  Russian pancakes, usually served with caviar  Blue points  Small oysters served raw on the half shell  Boeuf  French term for beef  Boiling point  The temperature reached when a mixture maintains a full bubbling motion on its surface  Boil  To cook in a liquid, generally water, in which large bubbles rise quickly and steadily so that all the liquid is agitated  Bordelaise  A brown sauce flavored with red wine usually served with beef entrees  Borsch  A traditional Russian beet soup  Bouchee  A very small patty, made of pastry and filled with creamed meat or fish  Bouillabaisse  A fish soup or stew, usually made with 5-6 different fish or shellfish, flavored with white wine and seasoned with saffron  Bouillon  A liquid similar to a stock, but cleaner and richer in flavor  Bouquet-garni  A group of herbs tied together as a bouquet or in a cheese cloth bag for the purpose of cooking them with an item to season and makes for easy removal when they are done  Bourguignonne  Meaning, with Burgundy Wine  Braise  To cook meat by searing in fat, then simmering in a covered dish in a small amount of liquid or to brown meat or vegetables in hot fat, then to cook slowly in a small amount of liquid  Brandy  An alcoholic liquor distilled from wine or fruit juices  Braten  German term for roast  Breading  To coat an item with a mixture of flour, egg, and bread crumbs  Brew  To cook in hot liquid until the flavor is extracted  Brine  A liquid of salt and water or vinegar used in pickling  Brioche  A roll made of light sweet dough, originated in France  Brochette  Meat or other foods broiled on a skewer  Broche  A skewer  Broil  To cook by exposing the food directly to the heat  Broth  The liquid that meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables have been simmered in  Buffet  A table of ready-to-eat hot and/or cold foods, self-service generally with the exception of the hot foods  Cacao  Cocoa, chocolate  Cacciatore  An Italian term for sauteed chicken that is baked with a highly seasoned (basil and oregano) tomato sauce, diced mushrooms, and chives. The green stems are used to season or flavor foods  Legumes  Dried vegetables such as beans, lentils, and split peas  Lentil  A flat edible seed of the pea family generally used in soup  Limburger Cheese  Soft, rich, odorous, ripened cheese originally made in Belgium  London Broil  A broiled flank steak, sliced on the bias and generally served with a rich mushroom or Bordelaise sauce  Lyonnaise  To prepare and serve with onions  Macedoine  A blended combination of fruit or vegetables  Madrilene  A clear consomme with a tomato base, served jellied or hot  Marinade  A brine or pickling solution in which meat can be soaked before cooking to alter or enrich the flavor  Marinate  To let food stand in a liquid that will add flavor and tenderize  Marrow  Soft tissue from the center of beef and veal bones  Marsala  A semi-dry Italian sherry wine  Masking  To coven an item completely with a sauce or another ingredient  Mayonnaise  A rich salad dressing emulsified by whipping together eggs, oil, and vinegar  Melt  To dissolve or make liquid by heating  Menthe  French word for Mint  Menu  The list of foods served or Bill of Fare  Meringue  Egg whites and sugar beaten together to form a white frothy mass, generally used to top pies and cakes  Meuniere  Pan fried, served with butter freshly browned, lemon juice, and chopped parsley  Mignon  Small pieces of beef tenderloin  Milannaise  Generally used when some type of pasta is being served  Mincemeat  A blended mixture of finely chopped cooked beef, currants, apples, suet, and spices  Mince  To cut food into very small, fine pieces  Minestrone  A thick Italian soup made with vegetables, dried legumes, and pasta  Minute Steak  A small, fairly thin, boneless sirloin steak  Mirepoix  A mixture of fairly fine, diced vegetables such as carrots, onions, and celery  Mixed grill  A combination of any four broiled or grilled items, generally lamb chop, bacon, sausage, and tomato slices  Mixing  To combine two or more ingredients  Mocha  A flavoring made of coffee and chocolate  Mold  A metal form in which you can shape certain foods to make them look more attractive  Mornay sauce  A rich cream sauce with eggs and Parmesan cheese added  Mousse  A frozen dessert made mainly with whipped cream, sweetening, and flavoring  Mozarella  A fairly soft Italian cheese with a rubbery texture and is great to use in making pizza  Mutton  The flesh or meat of a mature sheep  Napoleons  A French pastry made my separating the layers of pastry with a cream filling and topping with an icing  Navarin  A rich brown mutton stew garnished with turnips and carrots  Noir  French word for Black  Noisette  Small pieces of loin of lamb or pork, generally the eye of the chop, without the bone and fat, either broiled or sauteed  Nougat  Generally a confection of pasty consistency, containing sugar, almonds, and pistachio nuts  O'Brien  Generally with green peppers and pimientos, usually diced small  Oeuf  French word meaning Egg  Omelet  Beaten eggs, seasoned, fried with butter or grease in a pan until it starts to puff then folded over or rolled  Panache  Two or more kinds of one item in a dish, mixing colors  Papaya  A tropical fruit from which the juice can be used to tenderize certain meats  Papillote  Generally the item associated with this word is cooked and served in paper  Parboil  To partially cook or boil in water  Pare  To cut off the outer covering or skin with a knife or other sharp tool  Parfait  Different colored ice creams served in a tall parfait glass with syrup and often fruit, topped with whipped cream, chopped nuts, and a cherry  Parisienne  French for Female, but in cooking generally refers to potatoes cut into small round balls using a Parisienne scoop  Parmentiere  Usually means soup containing potatoes or served with potatoes  Parmesan  A hard Italian cheese, usually sold in the grated or powdered form  Pastry bag  A duck cloth, cone bag with a metal or plastic tip at the small end used to decorate foods  Pate  A paste of ground meat or liver  Paysanne  Usually vegetables diced small or shredded  Peel  To strip off an outer covering or skin  Persillade  Garnished with parsley  Petite  French word for Small  Petits fours  Small cakes iced with fondant and decorated  Pilaf or Pilau  Rice cooked in chicken stock with minced onions and seasonings  Pimiento  Sweet red peppers, canned  Piquant  Generally a sauce that is sharp and tart to the taste  Planked  Meat or fish served on a board usually garnished with duchess potatoes and vegetables  Poach  To cook in water that bubbles only slightly  Poisson  French word meaning Fish  Polonaise  A garnish consisting of bread crumbs, chopped parsley, and hard-boiled eggs  Pomme  French word meaning Apple  Popovers  Quick, puffed-up hot bread made of milk, sugar, eggs, and flour generally containing a fruit mixture  Pot pie  Meat and vegetables in a rich creamy sauce, covered with a pie crust  Potage  A thick soup  Poulet  French word meaning Chicken  Printaniere  Served with several different small cut spring vegetables  Proof  To let yeast dough rise by setting it in a warm, moist place of at least 85 degrees F  Puree  Any type of food cooked to a pulp  Quahog  Indian name for the large Atlantic Coast clams  Quenelle  A meat dumpling, generally made with chicken or veal  Ragout  A thick, savory brown stew  Ramekin  A small shallow baking dish in which foods can be baked and served in  Rasher  A thin slice of bacon  Ravigote  Cold sauce, made with mayonnaise base, chopped green herb, and tarragon vinegar with a tart taste  Ravioli  Small, square noodle dough cases filled with seasoned ground meat, grated seasoned cheese, or finely chopped seasoned vegetables and served with a meat or mariana sauce  Reduce  To concentrate a liquid by simmering for a long time  Remoulade sauce  A highly seasoned cold sauce similar to tartar sauce, but using mustard and ground pepper added  Render  To cook the grease out of animal fat  Risotto  Rice baked with minced onions and meat stock and adding Parmesan cheese after baking  Rissole  French word for Brown  Roe  Fish eggs  Romaine  Mild flavored,long narrow, and crisp leaves of salad greens of which the outer leaves are a fairly dark green and the inner leaves are light in color  Roquefort  A famous French blue vein cheese  Roti  French word meaning Roast  Rouge  French word meaning Red  Roulade  Rolled meat or a meat roll  Roux  A mixture of fat and flour cooked together, usually in equal parts, over low heat until the flour and fat blend together smoothly and is used to thicken soups, sauces, gravies, and stews  Royale  A mixture of cream and eggs baked into a custard for garnishing a consomme and broth  Salami  A highly seasoned dried sausage made from pork, beef, or venison  Sauerbraten  A sour beef pot roast that has been marinated 3-5 days in a vinegar solution to sour the beef and served with a sour sauce  Saute  To quickly heat meat or vegetables in fat in an open pan  Sautoir  A heavy, flat, copper sauce pan  Scald  To heat milk or cream just below the boiling point until a scum forms on the surface  Scallion  The muscle of a sea mollusk which operates the opening and closing of the two shells  Scone  A type of Scottish quick bread similar to a biscuit  Score  To mark the surface of certain foods with shallow slits to improve appearance of increase tenderness  Scrapple  A food made by boiling together seasoned chopped meat, generally pork and corn meal or flour and served in fried slices  Scrod  A young cod or haddock fish  Sear  To scorch or char the surface of meat quickly, sealing in the juices  Shred  Cut into thin pieces, using the large holes of a grater or cheese shredder  Simmer  To cook liquid just below the boiling point  Smother  To cook in a covered container until tender or cover an item with another item completely  Sole  A flat, white-meated fish found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans  Souffle  A very light, puffed up item, generally caused by folding beaten egg whites into a basic batter  Spaetzles  A heavy Austrian noodle made by running a heavy batter through a large hole colander into boiling stock  Spit  A pointed metal rod used for roasting meats over an open fire  Spoon bread  A southern type of corn bread baked in a casserole and of a texture so that it must be served with a spoon  Squab  A young pigeon that has never flown  Steep  To soak in a hot liquid to extract flavor and color or to soften  Stew  To cook meat and vegetables in liquid just below the boiling point  Stir  To blend ingredients using a circular motion  Stock  The liquid in which meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables have been cooked  Stroganoff  Sauteed pieces of beef tenderloin, cooked gently using a sour cream sauce  Suet  The hard fat around the kidney and loins of mutton and beef animals used in cooking and for making tallow  Sweetbreads  The thymus gland of calves and lambs  Swiss chard  In the beet family and the leaves are used as a vegetable and for salad and is cooked like spinach  Tabasco sauce  A hot red pepper sauce  Tapioca  A starch prepared from the roots of a bitter cassava plant for use in pudding and for thickening some soups  Tartare Steak  Highly seasoned, ground beef steak served raw as an appetizer  Tart  Small individual pies, filled with fruit or fruit and cream, without a crust on top  Tasse  French word meanin Cup  Tenderloin  A strip of very tender meat generally referring to beef, pork, lamb, and veal  Terapin  Fresh-water turtles, used as food  Terrine  An earthenware pot resembling a casserole  Torte  A fairly small, rich, decorated cake  Tortilla  Mexican griddle cake, a flat, unleavened corn cake baked on a heated stone or iron  Toss  To cause a rising and falling action for the purpose of blending ingredients together as in salads  Tournedos  Small, round, fairly thin slices of beef tenderloin generally sauteed or broiled  Tripe  The edible lining of a beef stomach  Truffle  Similar to the mushroom, a black fungus grown mainly in France they are used for seasoning and garnishing  Truss  To bind or fasten with string or skewers such as preparing poultry for roasting  Tureen  A large deep kettle in which soup is served, generally made of silver  Venison  Deer meat  Vermicelli  Long fine rods of pasta similar to spaghetti, but thinner  Viande  French word meaning Meat  Vichyssoise  A cream of potato soup that is served cold  Vin  French word meaning Wine  Vol au vent  A case or shell made of pastry that is filled with a meat or poultry mixture and served covered with a lid of pastry  Wellington  Beef tenderloin baked in a rich dough until the meat is slightly rare and the crust is crisp and golden  Welsh rarebit  Melted cheddar cheese, flavored with beer, mustard, and worcestershire sauce and served very hot over toast  Whip  To beat rapidly to increase volume and incorporate air  Wiener Schnitzel  A veal cutlet, breaded and fried  Wild rice  The brown seed of a tall northern water grass, usually served with wild game  Zest  A rind of lemon or orange 34-36 degrees F

100 ideas for the next 100 blog posts!

venison, wine & berry gravy. chicken cacciatore. So, below is a complete list of the 100 ideas I've thought of that could be next for the blog, as mentioned in the previous post